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 Welcome to Writing Cat Tales!   I’m Cat.  I am a God follower,  a mom, a grandma, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a homeschool teacher, a victim in times past, a survivor at all times, a romantic suspense author, sometimes a warrior especially if anyone messes with the ones I love, but in everything I am, I am a writer.  In as much as God defines my existence, writing is the expression of my existence.  Blogging, writing book reviews, expressing my very opinionated commentaries are the things I write, but my favorite is  fictional stories.  Four years ago I first shared my stories.  I became the author of my first novel a little longer than three years ago. This has been an adventure!  Now I am republishing The Key to Her Heart, and getting ready to published the second book in The Heart of a Family Series, Patrick's Rose. I am still a new kid diving into a new adventure.  Keep checking in within the next months, because I really have no idea where my adventure may take me, but as my whole life up until now has been, it will be interesting and probably a little fun!  So join in with any comments, or thoughts.  Be a part of this! Thanks for visiting,  


The Key to Her Heart

On Sale through Amazon & Kindle

Just ordered the proofs for the new edition of The Key to Her Heart. 

Within a week or two the new edition should be for sale at Amazon or you can catch up with me at one of the vendor fairs I will be at though out the Quad Cities.


What's next?

Patrick's Rose will be coming out August 2017.

I've added a sneak peek on the Patrick's Rose page.

Will be looking for a few people to pre-read and write a review.

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