The Key to Her Heart

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The Key to Her Heart is the heart pulling, heart aching story of a woman in the fight of her life and of the man who desperately loves her, who will do anything for her.   And of a man who will do anything... ANYTHING to get his own way.

 As Anna's life spirals deeper into the abyss she doesn’t know how to escape, Patrick may be the only thing standing between her and complete destruction.
 In her quest to achieve her dreams, Anna becomes a successful model in California in the early seventies and attracts the unwanted attention of powerful, ruthless, Matthew Wolffe, the eldest son of the fashion world’s biggest tycoon.  His attention twists into a dark obsession-- Not just harming, but distributing abuse beyond Anna’s worst nightmares.  Patrick Rueschel is the boy she left back home when she ran away.  His love promises new life.
 Between her dark secrets in California and her father’s vow of revenge on The Rueschel family years before when she was a teen,  Anna realizes there is no way for Patrick to be part of her life.
 As the stakes are driven ever higher, she must choose the dream she wants to pursue and the cost she is willing to pay.  Meanwhile, Wolffe plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse that threatens to find her no matter where she may run.
 Is Patrick's love strong enough to save her?  Will Anna allow him to hold the key to her heart?  Or must she run away once more—and leave everything behind?   

The Key to Her Heart

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